Güzellik sektörünü günden güne ele geçiren K-Beauty trendleri; hız kesecekmiş gibi görünmüyor. İşte tüm bu trendler ve rutinlerden haberdar olmanız için; Instagram’da takip etmeniz gereken Koreli güzellik guruları: 


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Hey guys – thanks so much for your love for our Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask! Many of you shared feedback about how much you enjoyed #sheetmasking with this clear, jelly-textured, watermelon-pressed mask, letting us know that it helped hydrate and soothe your skin. Some of you, especially those who were just starting sheet masking, also shared that the material is quite thin and delicate to use. This mask is made directly of fresh pressed watermelon extract, and due to its very natural formula, it is ultra thin and not necessarily stretchy, so for some of you might not have been super easy to use. We take your feedback seriously and want to always make sure your skincare experience is enjoyable, so we decided to discontinue our Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask. It was a difficult decision as it took a village to create this unique mask and personally, I’ve been using this pretty much every week to soothe my unpredictable skin, sometimes I even wore it outside (I’m really attached..!??) but we want to do the right thing for everyone to love and enjoy our products. For those of you that feel the same way… we still have a few weeks’ stock available on @glowrecipe .com. Thank you again for your continuous feedback – both positive and constructive – it’s what makes us grow and come out with better innovations! ?? #youjelly #glowrecipe #yourfeedbackmatters

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Ünlü The Beauty Wolf blogunun kurucusu Coco Park, her zaman en son cilt bakım keşiflerini paylaşıyor.


Güzellik gurusu sadece cilt bakım değil makyaj önerilerini de paylaşıyor.


Soko Glam kurucu ortaklarından Charlotte Cho’yu; Seoul’dan son güzellik trendleri için takip edebilirsiniz.


Kişiselleştirilmiş güzellik rutinleri için ideal.


Özellikle maske önerileri takip edilesi.


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Don’t kale my vibe. #selfcaresaturday

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Hayranı olduğumuz Glow Recipe markasının kurucu ortaklarından. Bu yüzden ekstra ilgimizi çekiyor!


Özellikle öğretici videoları olan hesap; mutlaka takip etmeniz gerekenler arasında!


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